Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Select the pair which have same relation.

Q-1 Auditor: Accuracy
(a) Cotton: Fibre (b) Court: Justice
(c) Plant: Tree (d) None

Q-2 Wool: Sweater
(a) Line: Cylinder (b) Jute: Sack
(c) City: Pincode (d) None

Q-3 Malacology: Molluscs
(a) Anthropology: Man (b) Farmer: Plough
(c) Soldier: Gun (d) None

Q-4 Axe: Grind
(a) Painter: Brush (b) Pen: Write
(c) A and B (d) None
Q-5 Hygrometer: Humidity
(a) Scale: Length (b) Volume: Litre
(c) Cat: Kitten (d) None

Q-6 Odometer: Speed
(a) Prism: Glass (b) Taseometer: Strains
(c) Work: Power (d) None

Q-7 Sword: Slaughter
(a) Oar: Row (b) Cobbler: Awl
(c) Paper: Pulp (d) None

Q-8 Area: Hectare
(a) Angle: Radians (b) Scale: Length
(c) A and B (d) None

Q-9 Lumberjack: Axe
(a) Jockey: Tack (b) Scale: Length
(c) Area: Hectare (d) None

Q-10 Conductivity: Mho
(a) Wine: Grapes (b) Resistance: Ohm
(c) A  and B (d) None

Q-11 Linen: Flax
(a) Sack: Jute (b) Time: Hour
(c) Dog: Puppy (d) None

Q-12 Jewellery: Gold
(a) Sack: Jute (b) Horse: Mare
(c) Lion: Lioness (d) None

Q-13 Dearth: Scarcity
(a) Sink: Drown (b) Brim: Edge
(c) Tiger: Tigress (d) None

Q-14 Frog: Tadpole
(a) Pig: Sparrow (b) Adduct: Kidnap
(c) Error: Wrong (d) None

Q-15 Cruel: Kind
(a) Stage: Doe (b) Drone: Bee
(c) A and B (d) Create: Destroy

Q-16 Gentle: Harsh
(a) Cordial: Hostile (b) Lion: Tiger
(c) Pig: Sparrow (d) None

Q-17 Sheep: Flock
(a) Man: Child (b) Cattle: Herd
(c) War: Result (d) None

Q-18 Himachal: Shimla
(a) Punjab: Ropar (b) J and K: Srinagar
(c) H.P:Una (d) None

Q-19 Dearth: Scarcity
(a) Brim: Edge (b) Robust: Weak
(c) Lion: Goat (d) None

Q-20 Volume: Liter
(a) Book: Paper (b) Luminosity: Candela
(c) Sack: Jute (d) None

Q-21 Mattock: Dig
(a) Axe: Grind (b) Grocer: Shop
(c) Painter: Gallery (d) None

Q-22 Gambler: Casino
(a) Servant: House (b) Shovel: Scoop
(c) Man: Woman (d) None

Q-23 Mechanic: Garage
(a) Judge: Food (b) Engineer: Site
(c) A and B (d) None

Q-24 Needle: Sew
(a)Rocket: Earth (b) Microscope: Magnify
(c) A and B (d) None

Q-25 Painter: Brush
(a) Jockey: Tack (b) Grocer: Shell
(c) Umpire: Ground (d) None


1 (b) Court: Justice
2 (b) Jute: Sack
3 (a) Anthropology: Man
4 (b) Pen: Write
5 (a) Scale: Length
6 (b) Taseometer: Strains
7 (a) Oar: Row
8 (a) Angle: Radians
9 (a) Jockey: Tack
10 (b) Resistance: Ohm
11 (a) Sack: Jute
12 (a) Sack: Jute
13 (b) Brim: Edge
14 (a) Pig: Sparrow
15 (d) Create: Destroy
16 (a) Cordial: Hostile
17 (b) Cattle: Herd
18 (b) J and K: Srinagar
19 (a) Brim: Edge
20 (b) Luminosity: Candela
21 (a) Axe: Grind
22 (a) Servant: House
23 (b) Engineer: Site
24 (b) Microscope: Magnify
25 (a) Jockey: Tack